Had the pleasure of choreographing the sweetest first dance for Pavitra and Mahesh's Napa Valley Reception, highlighting their ease, joy, grace, and of course love. You'd never believe that neither of them has ever danced before this!

FIRST DANCE spotlight: P&M's Wedding Reception


"If you’re planning a wedding dance, 1000% work with Vasudha! It will be the easiest and best decision you make. It’s been 8 months since our wedding, and people are still asking us who choreographed our dance and managed to teach us – two non-dancers – to look and feel so comfortable on the dance floor. Our wedding dance had the audience on their feet, and we credit it all to Vasudha.

She’s a true artist and professional– we got a high-quality, high-touch experience far beyond our expectations. She helped us select music with tempo that worked well for the routine, cut the music to our desired length, thoughtfully choreographed our dance with personalized moves we felt comfortable with, and spent hours teaching us the dance to make us look and feel natural. It’s so obvious how much she cares about her clients looking and feeling their best– she even went above and beyond to create take-home videos for us to practice on our own and shared feedback in between our practice sessions, and always maintained an uplifting and encouraging attitude throughout.

Vasudha had us feeling so prepared and so relaxed that both my husband and I look back on our first dance as our favorite moment of the reception. Because of her choreography and guidance, we were able to stay present and enjoy the special moment, surrounded by our loved ones. We’ve watched our wedding dance video a million times over and our guests can’t stop gushing about it– thank you Vasudha for crafting such a beautiful dance that we’ll look back on for years to come!"

- Pavitra

"Vasudha is the way to go for choreographing your wedding dances! One of my favorite and most unforgettable moments from our wedding day is our first dance and we have only Vasudha to thank for that! Vasudha did all the behind-the-scenes work to make it so magical – selected and cropped the music, designed the choreo with moves that two non-dancers could easily learn and get comfortable with, and spent many hours coaching us on subtleties to improve and make the routine stand out the way it did. She would seamlessly transition back and forth between my wife and me to work with us on our steps and eventually bring it all together. She remained very patient with us as we tried to learn the choreography piece by piece and adjusted the choreo throughout the process to fit how we as a couple looked together on stage.

The dance struck the perfect balance of intimacy for us as a couple while still putting on a performance for 200+ guests. On the wedding day itself, the choreo came so naturally and comfortably that I was able to enjoy the dance and the moment with my wife without any worries. We would highly recommend working with Vasudha to choreograph your wedding dance and cannot thank her enough for truly creating such a moment for my wife and I with our memorable first dance!"

- Mahesh